Banned Book Week Sept 25-October 1

Banned Book Week, celebrates the idea that the freedom to read and access ideas can transform lives. But when books are challenged or banned, readers are blocked from seeing all viewpoints and perspectives.

"Stand up for your right to read" and learn more about the threat of censorship at your Taft CHS Library Research Center this week.

Your Taft Library Research Center is OPEN!

Visit your library before school at 7:45am, during nutrition or lunch and after school until 3:45pm (except Professional Development Tuesday) to research, read, study, do homework, and use technology to create!

The school library program "provides learning opportunities that enable students to become efficient, effective, and creative users of information."  -American Association of School Librarians, Transforming Learning

District Responsible Use Forms (RUP) will be updated as soon as the Los Angeles USD Board of Education approves the newest version for this school year. (BUL 999.11)

Information Literacy today is more important than ever for today's 21st century learners. Libraries are being transformed into learning commons---where information is not warehoused but created---

"The library as the center of knowledge creation in addition to knowledge consumption." -School Libraries Work! Scholastic, 2015

"School Teacher Librarians are the best bargain in a school district." -Dr. Joyce Valenza             READ more about why!

 Research consistently strongly correlates strong school libraries with higher student achievement. Read about your Taft CHS Library Research Center Annual Report for 2014-2015. Please send me any questions that you have at

Book Recommendations

Do you have requests to add titles to our library? Use the Google form titled “Book Recommendation” under this homepage section “links” and if you'd like add our name so you can be notified when the title is added.

School Library Month
is the American Association of School Librarians’ celebration of school libraries and their programs. Learn more about special programs at your Taft Library Research Center!
Have you seen the video? Released by the California School Library Association, an advocacy film, “Does your School Have a Teacher Librarian?"

Please share with stakeholders as it explains why what teacher librarians do is so important to what students need to learn and what they want to learn. 

Teacher Librarians support student interests, integrate technology, teach information literacy, and prepare students to be college and career ready.

We also provide professional development to faculty and staff at our school sites and for our school districts. Check the data! It includes dramatic infographics comparing our numbers to those of other states.

Today's school library program involves 24/7 access to information and learning creating a vibrant learning space, as a hub or commons of our school! Click on the link to access the Library Research Center Highlights of 2013-2014 with the annual report available electronically using ISSUU,

Do you use Twitter? Your library does @ TCHSLibrary!

Strong School libraries increase student achievement!

Today's school libraries are available with both print and digital resources 24/7. I work closely with our students and teachers to integrating both the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Standards for the 21st Century, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) NETS for students and the newly adopted California Standards for School Libraries-introducing Taft students to a wide range of search tools, databases and resources, coaching them through the research process, and integrating new Web 2.0 tools for ethically collaborating and knowledge construction.

School Libraries Work research covering decades of studies in 19 states and Canada for districts that wish to boost student achievement. READ the research. Numerous studies overwhelmingly link student achievement and strong school libraries.


Remote Access How-To

Your Single Sign On opens the world of"reliable" information to you including remotely! Access digital databases of accurate, up-to-date "vetted" information sources 24/7

FREE Access to important "cloud computing"  through Google Apps for Education including Google Drive to create documents, spreadsheet, and presentation software FREE! These tools will give you the ability to easily collaborate with others. Work from ANY computer anywhere, anytime

Access e-Reference (electronic sources) materials which we also have in our Reference section in print including many primary sources