Access from School
  • Click on the shortcut on the library desktop computer
  • Using a Browser, click on the red toolbar
  • Click on Resources, Instructional
  • Click on Digital Library
Remote Access Using Your District Single Sign-on
You must have an Single Sign On to gain access to the LAUSD Digital Library, a collection of approximately fifty online subscription databases, our "reviewed" evaluated content including primary sources,  academic journal articles, magazines and newspapers from throughout the world and multimedia. A majority of library's resources are subscription-based databases that are accessed via the Internet. Here is the link for remote access. Enter your Username and Password for your Single Sign On using the remote access link.

Subscription databases, the "invisible web," consist of published journals, magazines, reports, documents, newspapers, books, image collections and more. Many articles contain multimedia files of pictures or images or sound such as MP3 files, podcasts, videos, primary documents and e-reference books.

Your SSO (single sign-on) will also give you access to Google apps which include Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Calendar and more! These will enable you to collaborate with others using "cloud computing." Ask me-and I'll show you how to use this FREE software for collaboration.