LAUSD MyMail E-mail Account
An LAUSD MyMail Account will be accessible on campus and remotely for your classwork/homework.

A District email account will allow you access to the LAUSD Digital Library, a collection of approximately fifty online subscription databases. You will be able to access your work electronically from an on campus computer whether in the library or your classroom.

Your LAUSD mymail account will also give you access to a Google Apps for Education account. This account will give you tools to make your projects easier and faster! You can login anywhere to access your email, create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. In addition, you have the ability to collaborate because Google Apps gives you the opportunity to share with viewers or editors.

The Digital Library of "invisible web" online subscription databases will also be integrated into your single sign-on for remote access.

Student LAUSD login new*
Here are the new instructions for Student LAUSD Login:

1. Click the link to set or reset your LAUSD password
    It ONLY works at school!
2. Select Student
3. Enter your Student ID# for District ID. Use lower case for the letters "m" or "f" 
    instead of upper case, "M" or "F"
4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
5. Enter your birthdate in this format:
6. Enter Student PIN #
Explore the Differences
Why use subscription databases instead of Google?

The information in a database is from "authoritative, accurate and reliable" sources that have been reviewed by publishers. It is not part of the "free web." Online subscription databases are part of the hidden, deep or "invisible web"---these are typically part of Library resources, published by reputable publishers---which we are accessing over the Web rather than having them in paper format.

Searching the Library databases in not the same as searching the Web. Even through you are using a Web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, you are not searching the open Web. Databases do not count as Web resources if your instructor requires only one Web source. When you search for articles in a subscription database, articles that appear in full-text may also appear in printed format.