What are e-books?
Great Subject or specialized reference titles are delivered in a database format to be accessed 24/7 from home, school, classroom or anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Easy to access and no special reader is required.
  • Unlimited, simultaneous usage
  • Fully cross-searchable
  • Citation generation

Access several publishers e-references through your SSO (Single Sign-on) for remote access.

  1. ABC-Clio (all history titles)
  2. World Book e-book centre 
  3. Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

          The World Book e-book centre contains thousands of both fiction and   non-fiction titles. All are in downloadable format. Instructions are included within the database.

15 New Titles Added! Gale Cengage Publisher
These are also accessible through SSO (single sign-on username and password) for remote access.
  • LAUSD Digital Library
  • Gale Databases
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library

Encyclopedia of world Biography, Edition 2, 17 volume set and Supplement, Volumes 18-23
Encyclopedia of Religion, Edition 2, 15 volume setHistory
Behind the Headlines, 6 volume set
UXL Encyclopedia of Alternative Energy, 3 volume set
UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs & Addictive Substances, 5 volume set
CaseBase 2
Novels for Students, 16 volume set
Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 4th edition, 6 volume set
New Dictionary of the history of Ideas, 6 volume set
Scholarships, Fellowships & Loans, 29th edition, 3 volume set
American Law Yearbook, Edition 2011
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, 13th Edition, 5 volume set
Encyclopedia of Education, 2nd Edition, 8 volume set
Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film, 4 volume set
Arts and Humanities through the Eras, 5v, 2005
American Decades, 10v.
American Decades, Primary Sources, 10v.
American Eras, 8v.
American History through Literature 1870-1920, 3v.
Americans at War, 4v.
Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century America, 5v.
Encyclopedia of the Great Depression, 2v.
Harlem Renaissance
Roaring Twenties Reference Library, 2v.
Supreme Court Drama: Cases that changed America, 4v.
World War I Reference Library, 4v.
World War II Reference Library, 5v.
Supreme Court Drama: Cases that Changed America, 4v.
Literary Themes for Students: Race and Prejudice, 2v.
Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream, 2v.
Literary Themes for Students: War and Peace, 2v.

How-to Access
Search the Gale Cengage Virtual Reference e-books using the following links.
To access your ebooks from on campus or off camous, click link below:
Please visit the Taft High School Library for the required passwords. The information is available at the Circulation desk.

Salem Press History-Math-Science-Careers and more
Taft Charter HS also has access to reliable, credible, and authoritative e-reference titles through the publisher Salem Press. Click on the following link to access them remotely or here on campus.

We also have these available in your Taft Library Research Center in print format.
Careers in Hospitality & Tourism
Careers in Law & Criminology
Careers in Communications and Media
Careers in Healthcare
Careers in Physics
Careers in Chemistry
Careers in Environment and Conservation
Careers in Business Administration, Law and Criminology
Biographies in Healthcare
Biographies in Criminology
Salem Health: complementary & Alternative Medicine (4 volumes)
Salem Health: Teen Health (coming in March)
Defining Documents: Civil War: 2 volumes
Defining Documents: Reconstruction & Development
Defining Documents: World War I
Defining Documents: The 1920s
Defining Documents: The 1930s
The Twenties in America, 3 volumes
Latinos, 3 volumes
Encyclopedia of Energy, 3 volumes
Introduction to Chemistry
Applied Science: Engineering & Mathematics
Encyclopedia of Global Warming, 3 volumes
Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues, 4 volumes
Encyclopedia of Global Resources, 4 volumes
Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society, 3 volumes
EBSCO High School e-Book Collection
This 2016-2017 school year we have added a robust collection of over 8,400 e-Books that support a quality learning experience across all subject areas from History, Language and Literature, to Science and Technology through EBSCO. The collection also features a selection of Teacher Resources to support educators aligned with Common Core Curriculum Standards. All titles allow unlimited simultaneous access for users and new titles will be added throughout the year. EBSCO also offers the ability to use your favorite device for access, iOS for iPhone or IPad, Android for phone or tablet, Mac laptop or desktop, Windows laptop or desktop. User guides, FAQs and fact sheets are available to assist the user along with tutorials. Visit the library for the username and password to access.